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As with every writing service, the calculated price per word always converts into time, spent on the content. While a quick writer can easily write up to 1000 words per hour, he might not deliver the same quality as if he would write only 500. Please consider this when requesting a quote and be very specific regarding the quality requirements for your project.

For some websites, simple content might be enough, which can be delivered at only 0,05 $ per word. For websites with standard content we recommend a word price of 0,07 $. For premium content or expert writing, the budget should not be less than 0,10 $ - 0,15 $ per word, to guarantee the best possible traffic growth and conversion.

*All offers shown here, are not binding until further negotiation and final agreement with the German Content Writer office.

Ask for package deals and long term plans and save up to 30 % on single article prices or check our special offers for startups.

Here are some examples from the recent months, including rates for writing,  meta data, highlights and formatting, as well as CMS input and content implementation.

German SEO Writing

  • 300 words standard article, following a list of given keywords/topics. Including basic formatting: 2 headlines, optimized keyword density, highlighted keywords: 20,- $.
  • 500 words optimized article same features as standard article including basic SEO: up to 7 meta keyword tags, meta description, 2-3 headlines, basic keyword research and CMS integration on demand: 33,- $.
  • 700 words premium article, same features as optmized article including premium content optimization: custom styled text and formatting, background research, second proofreader and On-Site SEO with extended keyword comparision and integration: 55,- $

Translations / Localization of Content

  1. 300 words translation of written content by professional German Freelance Translators in simple language/niches: 16,- $.
  2. 300 words localized content, translation including keyword research and localization to the german audience and market: 25,-$.
  3. 500 words SEO content translation, including translation and localization, custom formatting, background research, second proofreader and On-Site SEO optimization with extended keyword comparision and integration: 55,- $

Blog Writing

  • Long term plan: 10 optimized articles up to 400 words including background research and basic SEO, social media maintenance and comment moderation. 295,- $ / month

Domain Consulting

Extended keyword research (several hundred). Manual selection until 30 - 50 keywords are left for comparision with some of the most advanced SEO tools in the business. 

Rating criteria:

  1. Competition
  2. Most common search queries
  3. Availability of the domain
  4. Natural and language aesthetics

From this data, we extract 3 - 5 domain recommendations and compare them in a final report. This report will also include a list of the most common search queries in your niche. Selected by native german speaking professionals, this list can save your future writers and SEOs a lot of time. Price for the report: 99,- €.

Website Starter Content Package

  • Up to 1500 words content, SEO, creative or translated
  • Up to 6 different pages
  • cms integration
  • Premium On-Site SEO
  • Standard optimization of formatting, style and corporate identity
  • 1 month traffic analysis and maintenance of existing content
  • 199,- $